Focusing-Oriented Therapy: One

Fridays, Oct 1 - Oct 29

Focusing-Oriented Therapy One: May 14 – Jun 11 | Zoom
Gretchen Musgrove

Focusing-Oriented Therapy One: Learning How the Body Speaks and Listening so it Heals

May 14 – Jun 11, 2022 | Online – Zoom

In this introductory workshop you’ll begin to learn the basic steps of Focusing so that you can incorporate Focusing in your healing practice. Understanding and working with a ‘Felt Sense’ (how the body holds living experience about a situation) is the key to moving beyond typical dead ends of talk therapy. Like mindfulness, Focusing helps us step back and observe our experience and then takes us further into Relational Presence with inner parts and with one another. Join us!

Conveniently offered via Zoom across four Saturday mornings.

*This workshop is the first in our two-year Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma Training Program. However, there’s no obligation to continue with the program following this workshop.

Days 1 & 2

Introduce Focusing, begin to practice and discuss key concepts.

  • Self in Presence (dis-identification)
  • The research that lead to the discovery of Focusing
  • A Felt Sense: The essence of change
  • Neuroscience and Focusing: The two cerebral hemisphere

Days 3 & 4

Discuss bringing Focusing into your life and work with others. We will begin to lay the groundwork for what Focusing-Oriented Therapy is and how you do it.

  • The Focusing attitude: The primacy of human presence
  • A philosophy of change: A different way of knowing
  • Bringing Focusing into your practice: Discovering the essence of change

For: Therapists, Healing Professionals, and Spiritual Seekers


  • Online
  • Live instruction
  • Group discussion
  • Partner work
  • Some reading
  • Demonstrations
  • Coached sessions



  • Sat, May 14, 9-12:30 PST
  • Sat, May 21, 9-12:30 PST
  • Sat, Jun 4, 9-12:30 PST
  • Sat, Jun 11, 9-12:30 PST


  • 425



  • 12 CEUs

What if I’m still not sure?

Get a feel for Jeffrey Morrison, SFI Founder and Lead Teacher, in this Guided Attunement.

To learn about Jeffrey’s approach to Focusing, listen to his Wounds & Gifts episode on the The Focusing Way.

Learn about Randi Love, SFI Teacher, on her her website.

We also offer FOT-1 in March 2022!

Ask us questions! Get in touch on our our Contact page.

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