Teaching Focusing & Certification

Jeffrey Morrison, MA, LMHC, FOT Certifying Coordinator

Teaching Focusing & Certification

Focusing certification demonstrates a level of learning and application, qualifies you to teach Focusing, and establishes you as part of a growing worldwide community of like-minded people bringing change to the world! With certification, therapists will become:

Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapists and non-therapists will become Certified Focusing Professionals or Certified Focusing Trainers.

Benefits of Certification

  • Competency as a professional and trainer who is qualified to teach Focusing in your own distinctive way. Teaching Focusing allows for an additional source of income and a way to market your practice.
  • A listing in the directory published by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) for referrals for your practice and trainings.
  • Distinction within The International Focusing community as having achieved a standard of proficiency and understanding needed to contribute to carrying Focusing into the world in your unique way.
  • Belonging to a community dedicated to peace, wellness, healing, forward
    thought, and diversity.

Beginning the process

If you have completed the first and second year of our Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma Training Program or have equivalent experience, the first step of the certification process begins with contacting us to discuss your interest. Then, you will take our workshop, Teaching Focusing following completion of FOTCT-5. After this workshop you will choose your second mentor and follow the components below.

Three major components

There are several components to certification. The following is an overview of the process and expectations to provide direction while allowing your personal Focusing to guide how you integrate Focusing into your practice and teaching.

1. Co-mentorship with me and another certified Focusing teacher (this includes three self-assessment sessions and the creation of a Focusing Vita)

2. Self directed learning, project formation, and completion

3. Bring Focusing into the world through your practice, giving talks, teaching, and community building

More information will be provided to you during the second year program.