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There are many ways to learn about Focusing. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite books, articles, websites, videos, and podcasts about Focusing. Our hope is that this Focusing Resources page will be a rich library for our community and beyond. Feel free to send suggestions our way! Focusing is an expanding field, and we welcome your contribution.



The International Focusing Institute

The Focusing Institute is the international organisation that offers certification to psychotherapists who have completed a FOT training offered by our members. The FI website has a generous amount of information on various other applications of Focusing, apart from the therapy context.

International Association of Focusing-Oriented Therapists (IAFOTs)

Worldwide organisation of certified Focusing-Oriented Therapists. We offer psychotherapy and training based upon the experiential practice of Focusing and the philosophy of implicit experience.

Focusing Initiatives International

Focusing International is an international organisation specialising in a model of ‘community wellness’, especially in developing areas of the world and with groups that might not otherwise have access to Focusing training.

Focusing Resources

Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) is a process for emotional healing and accessing positive life-forward energy. It has been developed by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin, based on the work of Eugene Gendlin. Above all, the practice of IRF has been developed over 18 years of intensive work with clients who were engaging with difficult issues such as action blocks, addiction (primarily eating disorders), depressed and anxious states, and experiences of low self-worth.

Seattle Focusing Institute

The Seattle Focusing Institute (SFI) is a virtual home to Focusing teachers and students alike. SFI, founded by Jeffrey Morrison (Certified Focusing Trainer and Certifying Focusing Coordinator) offers an in-depth, two-year Focusing training program: Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma. The program welcomes anyone who feels called to work with others, heal inner wounds, and find a personal path of purpose, peace, and freedom.

Wholebody Focusing

Wholebody Focusing is a community of practitioners exploring the ‘whole body’ integration of Focusing and Alexander Technique as pioneered by Kevin McEvenue.

Dr. Leslie Ellis 

Leslie Ellis, PhD, RCC, is a registered clinical counsellor, teacher and author who lives and works in beautiful Deep Cove, British Columbia. After writing A Clinician’s Guide to Dream Therapy, she changed her focus from private psychotherapy practice to local and online classes in dreamwork, focusing-oriented therapy and trauma training for therapists.

Relational Implicit

Focusing in Focus

Focusing on Borden

Creative Edge Focusing


Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma Training Program. An embodied and relational approach to unwinding stress and trauma for therapists and healing professionals.