First year

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First Year

Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma Training Program

An embodied and relational approach to unwinding stress and trauma for therapists and healing professionals


► Opportunity to Join Program in Progress

Are you familiar with Focusing and want to deepen your understanding?

We’re excited to announce an exciting opportunity for those who already have an established baseline knowledge of Focusing-Oriented Therapy. We are opening the doors to a few people interested in joining our current cohort. Come January, we will begin our next module, FOT-3: Facilitating the Inner Relationship, where we begin developing the tools for companioning others in a way that supports the client to be with their experience at each stage of the focusing process. Those who complete this the first-year program are also given priority access to our second-year Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Training Program.

Join us for this transformative opportunity to expand your skills and enhance your therapeutic practice. Elevate your ability to companion others effectively with FOT-3 and take the next step in your journey of personal and professional growth.

Cost: $1350 for FOT-3 to FOT-5

Email Jeffrey directly to set up a complimentary consult! jeffrey@seattlefocusing.org

Remaining Modules Offer 36 CEs


Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT)

Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) is a body-centered and relational process that helps therapists keep clients safe and regulated while unwinding chronically stuck and traumatic experiences. In the first year workshop series, you will learn Focusing as a self-experiencing process while also learning to help clients shift from distraction and disconnection to being connected and present.

As the workshops progress, you will deepen your personal experience with Focusing and begin to develop your own style of integrating this experiential process in your professional work. Focusing is not a tool you use on someone; it is a way of being and experiencing that takes time to develop from the inside. As you notice the shifts in your own experiencing process, you will naturally bring that into all the relationships in your life.


“I know that every person has a deeper continuity even if at present it seems to be missing. The client who looks out at me may feel thin and helpless. The deeper continuity may be lost or covered over, silenced, shut away since early childhood. But I know it is still there.”

-Eugene Gendlin

Online format

  • We use the Zoom meeting platform for workshops
  • 5 workshops
  • 4 online sessions per workshop = 20 sessions total
  • Sessions are 3.5 hrs long
  • Therapists receive 12 CEUs per workshop, 60 total


The First Year – two payment options

  • $2,250 paid in full before September 1, 2023
  • $2,480 paid in two installments ($1,240 by September 1, 2023 + $1,240 by February 1, 2024)

Each workshop includes

  • Live presentation introducing new material
  • Demonstration of new skills to be practiced
  • Practice sessions to implement new skills
  • Time for processing sessions together
  • Video or live demonstrations of Focusing and FOT
  • Time for questions and group interaction
  • Small group coached sessions with a certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist

Between workshops

  • 4-week break between workshops
  • Focusing partnerships form during each workshop and continue until the following workshop begins
  • Certified Focusers are available to work with, if desired
  • A teaching team member will be available for email questions