Doorway at the Dead End

Doorway at the Dead End
Seattle Focusing Institute

Doorway at the Dead End

From time to time, we all find ourselves facing dead ends when it comes to resolving personal issues in life. When repetitive attempts to gain clarity fail, what can you do? Focusing offers us a natural way forward.

But the key to progress may seem counterintuitive.

Focusing invites us to shift our attention away from what seems clear to what is not yet clear. In the realm of what is unclear, we can bring awareness to what we feel in our body, and on what is emerging freshly in the present moment about a given situation.

What helps us heal is our experiencing process (how), not the content (what).

When we prioritize the process we can expand talk therapy to an exploration of not only what we already know explicitly, but also of what is presently emerging within our somatic awareness, bringing what we know implicitly to light. Here, we can freshly sense many new strands of a problem, as well as steps for change.

Learn How Focusing Can Help You Find Your Doorway.