Focusing-Oriented Therapy: One

The Second Year: FOT & Complex Trauma | Zoom
Seattle Focusing Institute

Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma

20 Friday mornings | Sep – Jun 2023 | Online – Zoom

PTSD become post-traumatic growth, as we learn to accompany our clients on their journey to wholeness.

The second year of our training program builds on the solid foundation of skills learned in the first year, while adding depth to your understanding of Focusing-Oriented Therapy and its application for unwinding chronic stress and trauma.

We learn essential skills for working safely with dissociation, memory time zones, regression, vicarious trauma, emotional and physiological regulation, the therapeutic relationship, integrating disowned parts, grief and loss, spirituality, and ritual.

We deepen our Focusing-Oriented Therapy and healing skills as we explore trauma through the understanding of neuroscience, Gendlin’s philosophy and psychology, mythology, Indigenous psychology, and spirituality.

Reflection on our own experiences of what it means to be wounded will inform and transform as we engage with the material and eachother.

Participants will learn to read the body of a client, and smoothly dip in and out of regressed states without re-traumatization. Special emphasis is placed on embodied practices for self-regulation and relational presence within the healing dyad. Working with a small supportive group, you will deepen your skills and integrate this transformational process into your life and work. This training requires a commitment to all five workshops. 

Conveniently offered via Zoom Friday mornings.


  • Online
  • Live instruction
  • Group discussion
  • Partner work
  • Some reading
  • Demonstrations
  • Coached sessions


  • + Guest Teachers!


  • 60 CEUs

Workshops titles

  1. Working with Embodied Trauma
  2. Attuned Brain and Relational Heart
  3. Intergenerational and Vicarious Trauma
  4. Relational Dimensions of Focusing-Oriented Therapy
  5. The Journey to Wholeness

Full descriptions here.

Workshops include

  • Live presentation introducing new material
  • Demonstration of new skills to be practiced
  • Practice sessions to implement new skills
  • Time for processing sessions together
  • Video or live demonstrations of Focusing and FOT
  • Time for questions and group interaction
  • Small group coached sessions with a certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist

Between workshops

  • Focusing partnerships form during each workshop and continue until the following workshop begins.
  • Certified Focusers are available to work with, if desired.
  • A teaching team member will be available for email questions.



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What if I’m still not sure?

Get a feel for Jeffrey Morrison, SFI Founder and Lead Teacher, in this Guided Attunement.

To learn about Jeffrey’s approach to Focusing, listen to his Wounds & Gifts episode on the The Focusing Way.

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